Canada Pickup Truck Sales Figures By Model

2019 Canada Pickup Truck Sales Figures By Model

Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Sales Figures for Pickup Truck Sold in Canada

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2019 Canada Pickup Truck Sales Analysis

Report Updated: With June 2019 Data on July 2nd 2019

Truck sales in Canada were down for both the month of June and YTD. This slowdown in sales isn’t all that surprising when you look over the last quarter results.

For the month of June, the segment was down roughly 4,000 units. So far this year the segment has been down roughly 6,000 units.

Leading the pack is still the Ford F-Series. However, it saw a sales decline of about a percent for the month. It did manage a little over a percent sales increase for the year so far.

Of all the trucks on sale, only five models managed to escape sales declines, and two of those models, the Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are new models, so there’s no previous information to compare them to.

YTD looks more of the same, with only the addition of the Ford F-Series to the list of models that managed to see an increase in sales. It will be interesting to see if anything changes in the coming months. We’d expect the segment to stay more or less the same throughout the rest or this year.

Below you will find sales figures for all pickup trucks sold in Canada broken down by month and by quarter.

We will report June 2019 Automotive Sales beginning on Tuesday July 2nd, 2019, beginning around 10 AM ET.

Data will trickle in throughout the day with the numbers being finalized by EOD. GCBC is also happy to announce that we will be adding quarterly sales reports and comparisons in addition to monthly sales comparisons beginning this quarter. We will also be adding monthly sales tables and charts to the mix as well.

Note: FCA US LLC will end its practice of reporting U.S. and Canada sales on a monthly basis following June results. FCA US and FCA Canada will report monthly sales for May and June. The first quarterly report will occur on October 1, 2019, covering the months of July, August, and September.

Canada Best Selling Pickup Trucks Last Month

This data table looks at last month’s total pickup truck sales volumes in Canada by model. We compare Canadian market pickup truck model sales for last month with the same month last year. We also include the year to date sales numbers and compare with the same year to date numbers from last year. With both monthly and YTD sales numbers we have a growth rate column so you can better gauge an individual pickup truck models sales success in the Canadian market.

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
GMC Canyon 665 608 9.38 2,550 2,195 16.17
Chevrolet Colorado 922 929 -0.75 3,538 3,689 -4.09
Ford F-Series 15,891 16,039 -0.92 59,511 58,696 1.39
Nissan Frontier 504 371 35.85 1,889 1,799 5.00
Jeep Gladiator 166 0 0.00 175 0 0.00
Ram Pickup 9,697 12,440 -22.05 37,152 39,508 -5.96
Ford Ranger 589 0 0.00 1,866 0 0.00
Honda Ridgeline 365 450 -18.89 1,417 1,683 -15.81
GMC Sierra 4,993 6,024 -17.11 19,906 21,427 -7.10
Chevrolet Silverado 5,140 5,563 -7.60 21,301 24,418 -12.77
Toyota Tacoma 1,169 1,286 -9.10 5,133 5,733 -10.47
Nissan Titan 214 588 -63.61 1,399 2,011 -30.43
Toyota Tundra 1,134 1,046 8.41 4,238 4,663 -9.11
∑ = 41,449 ∑ = 45,344 ∑ = 160,075 ∑ = 165,822

Canada Quarterly Pickup Truck Sales Numbers

This data table looks at quarterly sales performance for the pickup truck segment in Canada. It includes all major pickup truck models sold in the Canadian market. We compare last quarter’s pickup truck Canadian sales at the model level with the same pickup truck model sales quarter last year. We also include a growth rate too so you can see which pickup truck models are growing and which ones are declining. The quarterly view of pickup truck sales at the model level often gives you a better picture of what is happening than monthly because it takes out some of the month to month noise.

Canada New Pickup Truck Sales by Month (All Models)

This sales data table looks at monthly sales performance for the pickup truck segment in Canada on a month to month basis for the entire year so far. It includes all major pickup truck models sold in the Canadian market and you can see that the monthly pickup truck sales trends clearly. Seeing the individual pickup truck model sales performance in this way gives you a good sense of the momentum (good or bad).