Top 11 Best-Selling Pickup Trucks In Canada – August 2018

Best Selling Pickup Trucks in Canada for August 2018

Here you will find the Pickup Truck sales leaders in Canada for August 2018. Each month we compile the pickup truck sales data and reports for North American markets and analyze it to create the best selling list below.


Our Take On The Pickup Truck Sales Numbers

Pickup sales in Canada fell year-on-year in August as full size pickup sales slowed by 7.34% compared with the same month a year ago.

That’s despite an almost 10% increase in F-Series sales. The bulk of the drop came from a slowdown in General Motors products – specifically the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado, which saw sales fall by 20.3% and 26.8% year-on-year respectively. Ram Pickup sales also dropped by around 10%.

Small and midsize pickup sales were on the up conversely, with 12% more being sold last month than last August.

The Toyota Tacoma leads the charge in that department with sales up 15.7%, while the Chevrolet Colorado posted the steepest year-on-year growth in the sector.

Best Selling Pickup Trucks Rankings

Pickup Truck Sales Figures – This Month

This sales table of shows the Best Selling Pickup Trucks in Canada , including their year on year growth rates both for the most recent month and year to date figures. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

For reference CA = Canada Sales for the month, CA LY = Last Year’s Canada Sales for the month, CA vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate, YTD = Canada Sales Year to Date, YTD LY = Last Year’s Canada Year to Date Sales, YTD vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate.

Pickup Truck Sales

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